Vintage & Rare interview

By admin / February, 25, 2013 / 0 comments

What motivated you to begin building guitars in the first place? And what type of guitars do you build? Standard models? Custom orders? How does it work?

S: For me it all start up when I bought my first guitar in 81, I did everything that was humanly possible to it in term of modifications, the fact that I didn’t have any money to go on with my guitar obsession, I had to constantly change the only one I had.
J: On my side I couldn’t help but dismantling everything that surrounded me, from the toaster to my basses, passing through my parents new cell phones. One of the first try out on instruments was a crappy guitar that I found in the garbage and tried to convert into a tap guitar. The money factor was a real challenge for me too. We start building repro some years ago, teles, strats, LP as a normal phase we had to go through before coming with our own signature design…Read more