The “firebird” & “thunderbird” were born in the mind of Raymond H. Dietrich the famous car designer who was ask by Ted Mc Carthy to design a guitar that will compete with Fender’s popularity in these days, due to the “surf music” sound that was the trend at that time.


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A guitar with a car pedigree was just the perfect match for us, so we decided to go on and revisit the concept. As the firebird guitar was sharing his name with the famous Pontiac “muscle car” this led us to the idea of taking the name of our own favorite one as a startpoint for this project…

A guitar with a car pedigree was just the perfect match for us,

So we choose the “Charger” because of his the meanner attitude, the black crawlin’ bad guys car in the 68 classic movie “Bullit”, how cooler a car can be?
Then we worked on new more dynamic body inspired by the classy hood & fender lines of the 68 Dodge Charger with a sleek plunging front that will give more cleared neck to body joint, a cool rounded armrest, a deeper ribcage, the rounded edged center log vanishing on both ends adding to the car hood like visual.
Custom handmade pickups covers with our trademark front grill attitude.
Despite the clear “birds” ascendence this is not neck through affair, instead we choose the glued in method with a super long and large tenon joint with honduran mahogany neck & body for a 440 big block kinda’ of sound.
The first one was made as a custom order bass, but our first idea was to make duet of guitar & bass in a 58 modernistic “korina” appearence, be our guest!