Fully Handmade

First & foremost, all our instruments are fully handmade one by one by the two of us in our Brussels workshop.
We take every projects as unique, that’s why we don’t make guitars in series, every instrument as his own character, his own body contour or neck shape, custom color & hardware .


All our necks are quarter-sawn cut, for the maple ones we use European maple, mostly used in violins & other quatuor instruments making. Lighter in weight, whitish in color it as some gorgeous flame appeal and deliver a more open airy sound than his north American counterpart .
They also feature our trademark asymmetrical shape (round on the bass side, a lil’ flatter on the treble side ), super rounded frets & fretboard edges for a cool ” fits like a glove” feel.
We also do our custom fret job, that we start with a regular jumbo wire to the 12th fret & then going on with smaller ones toward the end of the fret board. This help push-pulls when the space between the frets are becoming too narrow.

We’ve also developed a double-action truss rod with spoke-wheel accessible from the end of the fingerboard. This truss-rod made by KTS Titanium is machined out of premium grade titanium for sound and weight purposes. After many researches of manufacturers able to do a perfect job we are now very pleased to work with Hiroshi & the KTS team for their unmatched refinement.
Then our necks are flanked with 2 carbon bars running from the 9th fret to the end of the fretboard, in order to get rid of this fretboard end bump that gives us a hell with low action settings.

Our neck joints are as tight as possible & hand adjusted.
We are doing our own little magic trick to give our bolt on necks the same sustain as their glue-on sisters, this is our trade secret & would not be explained!

Our wood choice for the bodies are :
– red alder
– spanish cedar (cedro)
– lightweight swamp ash
– Honduran mahogany
– Korina

Finishing wise we are trying to keep the layers as thin as possible to let the wood sounds and express itself to the max!


Concerning the hardware we choose :
GOTOH tuners, 510 vintage H.A.P tuners , or « Stealth » (as on our « Pheaton »)
SHERTLER tuners (as on the « Disco Volante »)
GLENDALE « half plate » bridge with intone « cutting edge » compensated saddles
COMPTON compensated bridge ( as on our « Phaeton »)
CTS pots which are selected with the best tapper, customized for smoother action & polished for a classier appearance
Russian N.O.S capacitors
Electro socket output

We would also make custom hardware parts as our own designed « BUCKET » bridge , pot
buttons, control plates or decorative jewel as on our « El Mirage ».

For our pickups we are enjoying a collaboration with 3 quality makers:
Benedetti Pickups (France)
Bare Knuckle Pickup (UK)
– Dave Stephens of Stephens Design Pickups (USA)

All our custom pickups comes with standard cover or with our optional trademark « front grill » custom made nickel covers.

We always stay open for new project, special features, or crazy ideas in order to make creative and beautiful tone machines.
As we say « play a masterpiece, wear an attitude »

Serge & John