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“Tao Guitars: The El Mirage.
I first met Gentlemen at Tao Guitars several years ago and after trying their undeniably unique work, they told me of a guitar they were planning to combine many of their original ideas.
That guitar was the El Mirage.
Everything about Tao guitars is absolutely in the top 1% of custom guitars. The El Mirage is the creme of the crop. The finish, the proprietary hardware…which includes everything from the milled bridge to the knobs and the pickups, are unmatched in quality and performance. It plays effortlessly as well. It wears like a fine suit and feels at home from the first strum. The sound is very articulate and smooth, round and rich….everything a professional would desire in a guitar, and is greatly missed on mass produced instruments.
Now….All of that is wonderful on it’s own but once you hold it in your hands and examine how beautiful it is, all the attention to detail that has been put into it, even the little things… like the magnetic control plate..it is simply a breathtaking experience. It is honestly one of the nicest guitars I have ever had the pleasure of holding in my hands. It truly is that exceptional. Tao Guitars could not have made a more incredible guitar and I am honored to have been close enough to see it happen.”

Elwood Francis
(guitar tech for ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Steve Vai…)