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Nihon Gakki (Yamaha) as always been a source of influence for us in matter of guitar design,

Particularly the 60’s SG models aka Samurai Guitar, most of the time guitar collectors and guitar 

Players as well have always looked in the direction of the US as the source of innovative design. But the SG 5 was so ahead of it’s time with his modernistic offset shape, a real milestone.

This guitar became the icon of the Japanese surf music scene with the likes of “Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys” with classics albums as “let’s go Terry”, “rashomon” or “tsugaru jongara”.
Now the time came for us to paid tribute to one of our major source of inspiration in the guitar world.
The Nami is based on our “Charger” bass shape but with a totally rounded treatment leaning more towards the classic offset designs, the body is made in Pacific Alder, the neck in quatuor grade European quartersawn maple, a selected Indian rosewood fingerboard.
This guitar is equipped with a Jazzmaster style tremolo by Mastery for a smooth action wobbles
Tuning stability are ensured by Gotoh vintage style locking tuners.
Our new “Trancestors” single coil pickups are proprietary made by Benedetti, clear, twangy with a nice round edge.
The controls are composed of a 3 position toggle switch, master volume, master tone and a blend pot that can bring the middle pickup to the bridge pickup for just the chosen amount of humbucking factor or having the 3 pickups with the toggle in the middle position, that means a wide array of tonal possibilities.


BODY: 2 pcs red alder body
NECK: quatuor grade quarter sawn maple, carbon bars reinforced, custom proprietary two way single bar Titanium truss rod by KTS / neck shape asymmetrical 21.5-22mm @1st fret
SCALE: 25.5″
Fingerboard: rosewood
PICKUPS: 3 home wound «Trancestors» pickups
ELECTRONICS: CTS pots with Master volume, Master tone, Balance pot, 3 position switch, Series / parallel push button
TUNERS: Gotoh vintage 510 locking
FRET MARKERS: dots (white or black) with alu ring with only on the side
STRING TREES: proprietary stainless steel design
BRIDGE: Mastery trem & bridge brushed
FRETS: Tao progressive fretting
FINISH: satin matt or Skin matt pores filled
GIGBAG: "Mono" single electric

Ask us for more colors and pickguard material/color.


5200€ (excl VAT/ non-EU)
6290€ EU (with 21% VAT)

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